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The Social Network

I decided to go see The Social Network on it’s premiere day here in the US, October 1st — a rainy Friday perfect for trying out the American movie theater experience. Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Mark Zuckerberg in a way that makes you like him even though he acts like an asshole at times, because you understand his brilliance. It’s interesting to see how the fact that Zuckerberg was the geek — and in many ways just the observer of the main social scene at Harvard — made him understand the social mechanisms better than he probably would have if he was in the middle of it all. Facebook could never have been created by the Harvard social elite (as we also see in the movie) because they would not have the ability to dissect the social interaction and the social codes between humans in the same way. I believe that not understanding a domain fully probably is the best way of creating innovations, because you can more easily question what others take for granted. I enjoyed the movie a lot, and found myself being torn between feeling sorry for Zuckerberg, and just extremely impressed by his intelligence, his vision, his courage, and his hilarious, dry comments.

A somewhat gentle man

What a movie! Dark, funny gangster movie from my gray neighborhood in Oslo. Made me laugh out loud several times, and gave me a good handful of quotes that simply must go into the Norwegian film history books. It is almost painful to watch the characters and their miserable lives, but we always believe that our «hero» – the somewhat gentle man (Stellan SkarsgÃ¥rd) that just got out of prison, will do the right thing in the end.

A Prophet (FR) is also an excellent gangster movie – but this time we get a story from within the prison walls. The film is not dark and funny. It’s just daaaark. No laughing out loud, but I was close to vomiting once. Just 2.5 hours plain tragedy including the worst scene ever. Keywords: razor blade, battle, blood, blood, blood. Ugh. What I learned from the movie? Take a language course. Do not look other people in the eye. And STAY AWAY FROM PRISON.

Galgeberg Kino

I watch movies at a much faster pace than I blog about them. Which means that I will make a little list here. But this list isn’t just a list of movies. This is a list of the movies I have watched the last Sundays at Galgeberg Kino (Cinema Galgeberg). This is a very private cinema in the flat of my friend and former colleague Kjartan B. Michaelsen. And although we watch serious movies with a following debate and everything, it’s the atmosphere in Galgeberg Kino that makes me return every Sunday. Good friends catching up while voting for what movie to see, recovering from a slight hangover in a deep couch with a hot cup of tea and some delicious cupcakes. This is simply the perfect Sunday evening for me. The yummy cupcakes above were made by Kjartan’s lovely girlfriend Thea.

The latest screenings at Galgeberg Kino:

  • Law-Obiding Citizen
  • The Informant
  • Up In The Air
  • Creation

Oh, and this little thing just to make us laugh:

Where the wild things are

There must be something wrong with me. I fell asleep in this movie. At the cinema! From the parts of the movie I actually saw, I can report that the creatures are extremely cute, the performance by child actor Max Records is just amazing, and the soundtrack by Karen-O and the kids really suits the movie – and is a great listen on its own too. Although my eyelids fell down just about the same time that Max and the creatures curled up in a pile to sleep somewhere in the middle of the story, I think I can recommend this movie. Judging by this Rolling Stone review, I should, anyway.


16 year old black girl living in Harlem. Illiterate, obese, poor, and damaged by long-term abuse by family, with one child and another one on its way. Luckily she has developed a great survival instinct, the strongest will, and a sense of humor on top of it. An alternative school gives her a fresh start, but it is not turning her life around in a second like in any other cliche movie.

This is one of those films that makes your stomach turn. It simply hurts to watch the girl, Precious, being emotionally and mentally abused by her own mother daily. Precious’ revealed inner thoughts leaves you utterly disturbed by displaying even worse episodes from her past. But these flashbacks are intertwined with her dreams for the future – and you see how this girl still keeps her hope up while you as a viewer can’t understand how she can hope, and really can not believe things can change at all under her circumstances.

What I got out of this movie in the end wasn’t hope at all. But I remember the face of one girl, that unfortunately represents the stories of too many people. Horror stories I normally don’t think about because they make me uncomfortable. This movie is a movie that makes you uncomfortable, but aware. And the monster of a mother, played with frightening intensity by comedian Mo’Nique, really makes you appreciate your own!

Julie & Julia

This is not a fantastic movie, and Meryl Streep is being a bit annoying through the whole thing. She does a good job bringing the stereotype «loud American visiting Europe for the first time» to life. Still, this movie is not all bad. It portrays the chef Julia Child when writing her first cook book «Mastering the Art of French Cooking» in the 1950′s. And it also tells the story of Julia’s maybe biggest fan today, Julie Powell, when she writes her blog about cooking all the recipes from the classic cook book. The story is cute, the female characters are quirky, energetic and driven by food, their boyfriends are adorable and understanding, and the ending is mainly a happy one – except for this weird scene revealing that 90 year old Julia actually hates Julie’s blog, which is not explained further in the film… Maybe you won’t feel like watching this movie ever again. But you will feel like cooking!

New York, I love you

Oslo International Film Festival (OIFF) has come to an end – and even though I made an extensive list of movies I wanted to watch, I managed to watch only one during the festival… But «New York, I love you» was entertaining – and left me wondering about some of the stories portrayed when the movie was over. I like these movies that make you wonder. It also made me long for New York without ever having been there.

The movies I wanted to see during the festival, but that I had to skip because I was attending way too many fun Christmas parties last week:

A single man
An education
I killed my mother
Life of Brian
The Ape
The exploding girl
The men who stare at goats
They all lie
The missing person
Up in the air

Art & copy
Examined life

Mary and Max


But lists are good. Now I have lots to look forward too!

The girl in the café

The Girl in the Café

I should have been in bed hours ago. But around 11.30 pm, just when I thought to myself that I should definitely go to bed right now, this film was about to start. Actually, I am terrible at watching movies in my own comfy couch if they start anytime after 9 in the evening. I fall asleep everytime. Still, I decided to give The Girl in the Café a chance. If any actor can keep me awake after midnight from inside a black box in the corner of the livingroom, it might very well be Bill Nighy, I thought.

And I was right! Bill Nighy was not running around singing about how you should really love Christmas (with way too many syllables) like he did in Love Actually. But he and actress Kelly Macdonald act very well together in this cute comedy, and the dialogues are quite funny. I got curious about both the characters from the moment they met each other in a café – when Lawrence (Nighy) sits down at Gina’s (Macdonald) table and pours large amounts of sugar in his little cup of tea:

- That’s a lot of sugar.
- It’s been quite a tough day.
- The worse your day, the more sugar you have?
- Yes. Well, within certain limits. Never higher than four. Even on the worst of days.

I can relate to this sugar theory. And I think most of us, unfortunately, can relate to the way Lawrence, when he has to sit down at Gina’s table because there is no other free tables, tries to sit as far away from her as possible. So they sit diagonally across each other to not invade each other’s personal space – even though they both apparently would like that space «invaded»… Gina comments:

I had a boyfriend who used to make us sit like this. He felt being directly opposite me put too much pressure on him to talk.

Gina and Lawrence, however, obviously had enough to talk about, because Gina’s comment made them move so they sat directly opposite each other instead. But you can’t drink tea forever, and Lawrence leaves the table after a while:

Well, it was lovely, sitting directly opposite you. And I enjoyed the early diagonal bit as well, obviously. I’m Lawrence by the way.

Good thing he introduced himself in the end, so he could get her name in return. I usually forget – either to exchange names at all, or to actually remember the name I just heard. If the name I get in return just doesn’t fit the person at all, it slips my mind instantly. And I might not even notice that I have forgotten it for quite a while, and the conversation will go on smoothly. The second I remember that the name is gone from my mind, however, I freeze or start behaving all awkward.

Not that I meet people randomly in coffee shops very often. Unfortunately.

Anyway. People are strange. You gotta love them!

Movies with the same feel and brilliant dialogue: Before sunrise and Before sunset. And probably many more.