Profile pictureI’m Kristin Breivik. Unfortunately, 10 other people in Norway can say the same thing. For the record, I’m not the one into my roots and my family tree, not the one who researches multiple sclerosis and headaches, and not the one who knows a whole lot about geophysics, and who likes to attend dildo parties. I do, however, love the World Wide Web and all that’s possible within it. That’s probably why I still rule the Google race between me and the other Kristin Breiviks out there. As you can see in the Contact section, I am all over the place. Muahahaha!

Quite often, though, I go by the name DietroVetro. I like the sound of it. And it actually means something. It means ‘behind glass’ in Italian and was a name meant for my very own coffee house once. But the blog came before the coffee house, and I’m glad. First of all because I’m more of a tea person myself. Second of all, because this blog sort of was the concrete start of my fascination for new media. It also gave me a part time blogging job while I was studying, and then it gave me another job that made me quit my studies all together. I worked as an interaction designer in Oslo, Norway for 4 years, but boarded a plane in 2010 to pursue my Master’s degree in Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts, New York City. During my 2.5 years in the US, I got my hard-earned degree, lots of friends, a professional network, work experience, and in the end …homesickness. I’m currently excited to be back in Oslo freelancing as a UX designer and consultant. You’ll find more about the professional me under CV and in my portfolio.

This blog gives me a reason for writing, which I love. For over 3 years I wrote in Norwegian, but now I’m trying to write mainly in English. I am still not as confident when it comes to the Italian language – but I am working on those skills every time I get a chance to travel to the beautiful country of Italy.

To sum it up (or broaden the perspective), I’m passionate about: being passionate, user experience, new media, information design, game design, nice words, making listst, tea with the right amount of milk and sugar, music, lindy hop dancing, rock climbing, Italy, and old bikes.

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Interaction designer Kristin Breivik blogging about work and life in general.