Imagined physical computing system

Let’s invent something. Right. So that was the assignment. I decided to fix a quite trivial problem; my disorganized mornings, and more specifically create a device that would make sure that my purse contains everything it should contain when I go out the door. Like my keys:

By adding RFID-tags to my keys, phone, wallet etcetera, and have sensors by the door opening, I could get information about whether the items are in my purse or not. My very simple presentation, Call My Keys, might explain the rest. How this idea could be realized is not the important thing in this assignment. But if you’re eager to get one of these gadgets – it actually already exists if you’re willing to spend $160. So much for my creativity and innovation. Still, I feel my idea is a bit different then the Loc8tor I linked to… My device has its place on the wall by the door, but the Loc8tor could just as easily get misplaced as any of the items it’s programmed to locate. I can imagine the frustration people would have when they would need to locate the Loc8tor without having another Loc8tor to locate it!

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