Mathias Tjønn

Saturday night I discovered two new things at once. 1) Cafe Mir – a cafe that has been in Oslo forever (or since 1994), but that I still haven’t visited for some reason. Now that I finally did, I know I will be back soon. It was discovery number 2) Mathias Tjønn, that sent me in the right direction. Or his release concert, anyway. Great concert. I particularly like the song «I Wrote a Book and That Means I Can Do Anything». Here is a portion of the lyrics from that song:

I like the timetable
because it keeps me up to date
about what will happen where and when.
You see it’s like a map of time
except it’s not
because a map will tell you where things are
but time won’t stay in place.

Which leads me right to a discovery I did yesterday that includes timetables, maps and other nice things – with lots of clever words wrapped around them. Read my blog post about this discovery, The Language of Graphics.

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  1. Meenaxi sier:

    I would have to agree. Your cellphone has uliaelvevbbny clear captures. I miss my old phone and practically strolling uner the sun capturing anything interesting along the way! Kudos to you!

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