Every day the same dream

Every day the same dream - molleindustria-3
Molleindustria has created another great game in the genre of games that is so hard to categorise. They describe it as an art game, but it is close to the newsgames and other political games they have made in the past – except this time, it doesn’t evolve around a scandal like Operation: Pedopriest, or about the wrong-doings of a corporation like The McDonald’s videogame. It is a game about our every day, gray life called Every day the same dream. This game might make you feel bad in one second, because isn’t this actually what your boring, miserable life is about? Then the next second it might feel like an inspiration because you know life is about so much more than what this game is portraying. This simple «game» makes you reflect. It’s clever.

Desperately trying to get out of the vicious gray circle of life, I let my character go in his boxer shorts to work one day. The lady in the elevator doesn’t even notice. The boss does, however, but what happens then? The character gets fired, and wake up to a new day where I can choose between putting on his clothes or not when he’s leaving home to work in a new office – which, of course, is an office in the exact same shade of gray as the previous one.

So. Is there a way out of the gray hell? Well, yes. Sort of. It is even marked with a green exit sign and is visible from the office cubicle. But the solution is not an uplifting one. And I am still wondering what my character’s dream is – and might his dream be in any way connected to my dream? What is my dream?

I am fascinated by the serious/radical/political/ideological/news game genre, and wrote a paper about these kind of games in 2008 called Games Combatting the Dictatorship of Entertainment. A Study of the Newsgaming Phenomenon. Read my short blog post about the paper when I had just finished it, read the whole paper thingy, or just play some good, radical games from Molleindustria!

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  1. I played through the 5 things which the lady in the elevator refers to as «5 more steps and you will be a new person», and I must say I’m not exactly pleased with how it turned out. But then again, that is the point of the game, I suppose.

    But a cool 5 minutes of my day, somewhat got me thinking.

  2. I didn’t chit-chat to the old lady at all. I was probably too busy trying to get a good screen-shot of the game. Hehe. I have heard about some other possible outcomes of the game too. Guess I have to spend some more minutes in that gray world while escaping my own. Which is a quite white and frozen world now, by the way :/

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